If you are trying to install the plugin on a local server using Wamp or Xampp and face error similar to below:

Warning: POST-Content-Length of 8790753 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

The link you followed has expired.

Please try again.

This error usually occurs when your server has limited maximum upload size of a post to 8M. This is set by default on local servers like Xampp and Wamp. In order to solve this error, you are required to increase post_max_size=8M to 80M.

post_max_size can be found in php.ini file. Increase the size from 8M to 80M, save the file and restart your local server. Now you will be able to upload and install the plugin.

Please visit the link to know more about how to increase the file size limit on php.ini in detail.